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~traveler & adventurer~
~explorer of life, love & beauty~
~preserver of extraordinary stories~
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~destination wedding photographer~

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I'm based out of the Florida Keys but am passionate about traveling to wherever your wedding may be!
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I have been photographing professionally for over ten years now and have been commissioned to photograph weddings all over the United States. Having found my niche as a destination photographer, I can say with certainty that I adore my job. I love meeting other adventurous spirits who want to make the most important commitment of their lives in an exotic location and I am blessed to work with people who are willing to step away from their comfort zones, really exploring the world around them.
The more I have grown as a photographer, the more I see how my travels and my experiences have shaped my photography to be what it is today - the colors, the boldness, the drama and the attention to simple beauty. A wedding, for me, is like a travel experience. I get to observe, learn about a couple, and how they interact with each other - and then preserve those moments in an artistic, honest way.

Please contact me today to chat more about your photography needs and expectations.

In addition to weddings and engagements, I do shoot a limited number of portraits shoots every month.

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