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Bringing Back the Film

February 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

When I began my business back in 2004, it was at the relative beginning of the transition between film and digital photography for professional use.  There was great debate as to whether digital photography was really 'photography' or if digital photographers could actually be considered professionals.  It may seem silly these days, now that everyone and their mother and their professional photographer uses digital, but it was a huge deal when I decided to open my studio as a digital studio.    

I had studied and learned photography with film; beginning my photography obsession while traveling around Costa Rica with some friends.  (Don't you remember lugging zip lock bags full of film, carefully taking them out of your bag when going through the x-ray machine?)  I even started processing my own film and developing the prints in my mother's bathroom!  After my transition to digital, film was put on the back burner - meaning I think I picked up a film camera once in the past ten years.  Flash forward to a few months ago, and my father brought me my old Pentax 6x7 camera that he had been holding on to.  As soon as I picked it up, inspiration hit and I have become obsessed.  

Here are a few from Jordan and David's West Palm engagement session a few weeks ago.   I used Film Box Labs for these images and I am super impressed with the results so far. 

And of course, I had to include one of my fat-cat Grizzy.  She has always been my number one model. 


As I am restructuring, redefining, and rebranding my business to better fit who I am and what my artistic vision is, I have goaled myself to start using my film cameras at weddings and engagements more often.     I already edit my photos to give them a more 'film-like' quality but nothing can ever completely replicate the feel of a film image.  The depth, the colors, the texture, the feel are just completely unique to true film.    That being said, don't be surprised if you see me bringing out the film at your next shoot. I am so excited to be able to offer you a little something different and a little something special.  

Jordan + David; West Palm Engagement Session

February 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


Jordan and David came down to West Palm Beach from the frigid tundra that is Columbus, Ohio a few weeks ago.  As accountants, they wanted a warm weekend away before the tax season hit and they also wanted some fun, unique engagement images.   Problem solved!  This gorgeous couple is not only, well, just gorgeous but they are just about the nicest clients you could ask for!   

Jordan had the fabulous idea of shooting on Worth Avenue.  It really is a spectacular location - the buildings are classic, the ocean is close, and there is even a clock tower overlooking the water.   I highly recommend, if shooting at Worth Avenue, that you start early.  We started about an hour before the shops opened.   Any later and I would imagine that it would have been too crowded to get a lot of our shots.  We also spend a bit of time at Dreher Park as well, where the famed West Palm Zoo is.  With its old, rugged looking trees, lakes and paths, it made me feel like I was shooting back home in Tennessee again! 


I love shooting at new places; I feel like it sparks my creativity and really adds something special to my work.   While familiar is always nice, I am always up for a challenge when it comes to shooting in new places.  It brings out the best in me! :) 


Jordan and David - looking forward to shooting your wedding in Ohio this summer!  It is going to be even more spectacular than the engagement session. :)

Morgan + Evan/ Key West Wedding

January 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I realize I am dating myself horribly by admitting this but when I first started my business, I shot sports photography back in Ohio and would you believe that I photographed Morgan and Evan when they were in MIDDLE SCHOOL? Thats right, MIDDLE SCHOOL!  How crazy is that?   I still feel like I'm barely out of college myself most days so when Morgan's mom emailed me saying that Morgan and Evan were getting married in Key West,  my initial reaction was - 'has Morgan even graduated high school?'  Turns out yes, Morgan has graduated high school, and college and has been a teacher for several years now.... I, apparently, am living in some kind of time warp.  

After the initial shock wore off, I got so excited and a little emotional!  The people of Centerburg, Ohio hold such a special spot in my heart - so many of them gave me a chance when I first opened my photography studio in 2004; they came to me to photograph their weddings, their seniors, their babies - all when I had little-to-no-experience. They supported me and encouraged me and I am forever grateful to that little community.   Without them; I never would have had the fulfilling career and the amazing experiences that the past ten years have brought me.   All that being said, to have Morgan, Evan and their families remember me, remember that I live in Key West and ask me to photograph their wedding was such an amazing compliment.   

Morgan and Evan had a beautiful, intimate ceremony at a private house in Key West.  The house was secluded, on the open-water, and had amazing sunset views.  The weather was perfection.  The entire evening was laid-back and mellow; exactly what Morgan and Evan wanted. 

Here are a few of my favorite images: 

Morgan may have had one of the most stunning bouquets I have ever photographed.   Any guesses on what it is made of?  

It was made of wood!  I can't stop raving about this bouquet.  


Simple and classy - the perfect Key West wedding dress!


Can you ever really have too many dress pictures?  

This wedding was a true family affair!  I just love this image of Morgan's sister doing her makeup. 


I can't speak highly enough of Steve Torrence.   He does an amazing job at every wedding.  

The whole crew!  I wouldn't be surprised if a few of them ended up moving down to Key West... :)

I absolutely love watching the progression of emotion throughout the wedding day.  Any nervousness Morgan had, disappeared completely once we started photographing just her and Evan alone.  

The stunning bride:

And the handsome groom:


Venue:  Private House

Officiant:  Steve Torrence

Flowers: The Blooming Corner


An Up-Coming Visit to a New England Gem - The Amee Farm and Riverside Farm

November 06, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I have a secret love for all things New England. I am unabashedly obsessed with this area of the country; the history, the landscapes, the food, and the people - I love it all.  It feels like another country compared to my life in the always-sunny-and-warm Florida Keys....not that I am complaining but the variety of New England weather and scenery holds an epic appeal to me.  I loose myself in images of the New England countryside and can easily imagine myself strolling the cobblestone streets of a quaint village any day and warming up with a cup of hot chocolate by a raging fire.  

The catch - I have never actually been to New those of you that know me, that may come as a surprise.  I travel a lot.  My husband travels a lot.  But neither of us have actually ever made it to the NorthEast.

Hence, I am so excited to announce an upcoming weekend trip to Vermont.  We found THIS (and also THIS) amazing, hidden little gem near Pittsifeld, Vermont and can not wait to spend a romantic weekend drinking mulled wine by the fire, taking (hopefully) snowy walks, and exploring the little towns around Vermont...and lots of maple syrup, cheese, and all things local and wonderful.   Amee Farm and Riverside Farm both have lodging and also host gorgeous weddings.  Looking through their online gallery of images make me just CRAVE an opportunity to shoot up there.  The light, the colors, the ambiance - it is all just yummy.  

Take a look at some of these images from Amee Farms and Riverside Farms; don't they look divine?   After our trip, I'll make sure to post some of my images that I'll take.  





King Family Portraits - Central Ohio

October 09, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Here is a collage of a few of my favorites from a recent session with the King family.  I have known the Kings since I first opened my studio in 2004 and was SO excited when Cheri contacted me about a session.  Cheri and Rob recently adopted Sid from Ethiopia and they needed some updated family portraits and some images of just Sid.  Cheri and Rob have some of the greatest kids you will ever meet and Sid is no exception.  This little guy's smile will melt your heart and his array of facial expressions is out-of-control cute.  I loved seeing how protective and loving his older siblings are of him too.  Enjoy the images!


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